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Does your iPhone 6 leak cold? If so, it’s probably because it’s been standing on a wet surface for a long time, and water, ice, or water-borne irritants like salt or dirt can get in between the glass and the liquid.
But with a waterproof phone case from Spigen, you can be sure your phone is always ready for a challenge. Spigen’s Waterproof Smartphone Armor Series is made up of four case options that are designed to be sturdy, low-profile, and have a slim profile, while also making sure that the phone is protected against dirt, debris, drops, and water.
Waterproof Smartphone Armor
The Waterproof Smartphone Armor is your go-to option for a protective case. The case is made from the same water-resistant material as Spigen’s watches, so it can handle anything that the elements can throw your way.
The case is designed to be slim and still give the iPhone 6 plenty of space to breathe. It’s made with a 3-layer polycarbonate construction, so you don’t have to worry about too much material when you drop it or damage it in the process. It has a soft touch rubberized exterior that feels good when you pick it up.
In addition to protection, the case comes with a soft silicone liner to help dampen the effects of water. The rubberized exterior makes it easy to snap it on and off, but the silicone liner should eea19f52d2

This free utility was designed to convert songs from one media player playlist to another. You can use it to convert your old music and videos in your Winamp Bookmarks folder to Windows Media Player playlists or any other media player playlist you prefer.Q:

SearchView hide on submit button click

I am using searchview.
In my activity I am showing a cursor on searchview’s cursor icon when the cursor icon is clicked it will hide automatically.
but when I click on searchview’s search button it will search automatically.
So how to prevent hiding of cursor icon?
is there any method?

This is my xml file.


on your xml, you need to define click listener for your search button.


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