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Don’t Pay to Download is a site that offers free game demos, trials, and trial versions of some apps and games. The best thing about Don’t Pay to Download is its extensive screenshot library, which includes previews of the software’s interface, features, and controls so you can see if it’s worth downloading.

AppsPatcher is a dedicated platform to help users download and install cracked versions of Android apps. The site has just two sections: Cracked Android Apps and Cracked IOS Apps. The former is for Android apps, while the latter is for iOS apps.

The developer behind all my favorite games is Mega Man X. Whenever I find a new Mega Man game, I always hunt down the forums to see if the quality of the port matches the quality of the game itself. So when I found the Mega Man X 8 forum thread, my heart leaped up with joy, but there was a bit of disappointment. The developers decided to promote this new torrent site for this Mega Man game to save money. Their reasoning was that Mega Man fans wanted to play the game, but they had to pay to do so, so they would rather us pay in the form of torrents. Thats a pretty shabby way to treat our favorite Mega Man game, so without further ado, here are the best Mega Man X torrents.

The chosen site is Open-Source, it is run by the community itself and its main purpose is to upload the latest and greatest games and applications. The website also offers a more in-depth look at the developers and the games theyre working on. It also has a lot of games, which probably means its a good place to hunt down your next favorite download.



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