CCG Toolkit V1.1 🏴

CCG Toolkit V1.1 🏴

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CCG Toolkit V1.1

for the past few years, i have been working on the toolkit to make it easier to understand and play legionnaires disease. many of the people who have come across the toolkit have asked me why i decided to create a ccg toolkit instead of a more traditional legionella deck. i have been playing ccgs for a long time and find that card games are the best way to learn about a topic. i wanted to make a ccg to use as a teaching tool to help others who are interested learn about legionnaires disease.

the toolkit is designed to help you understand how to reduce the risk of legionnaires disease in a building. all you need to do is create and open the project and you will be ready to go! the toolkit also explores how to develop an effective water management program if one is needed.

the first version of the ccg toolkit is designed to be used as a primary resource for a wide range of rural stakeholders. that means that it can be a resource for planning ev chargers and providing support for ev charging in rural areas, as well as a tool to help implement state, tribal, and federal ev charging programs. the toolkit also helps ev stakeholders plan, finance, and maintain electric vehicle infrastructure.

the ccg toolkit is available for purchase in a variety of price tiers, beginning at just $99 to develop an online card game. for more information, please contact us at or visit

the ccg toolkit is designed to be a one-stop resource to help rural communities scope, plan, and fund electric vehicle (ev) charging infrastructure. a rural stakeholdersuch as an individual property owner, business, town, or planning agencycan use the toolkit to identify key partners for a project, take advantage of relevant planning tools, and identify available funding or financing to help make that project a reality.



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