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Convert DOCX to PDF, XPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF or BMP, Batch conversion.
Create PDF from various formats, including DOCX, XPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, JPG, PPT, PDF and TXT.
Convert more than one DOCX file in one go.
Manage files and directories of all files and folders on the computer by sorting and deleting.
Set conversion settings, output destination, page range and compression.
Set extension of the created files.
Built-in Fetch DOCX from email, FTP and local network.
Built-in Send DOCX to email, FTP and local network.
Built-in Email from DOCX, and Upload DOCX to FTP.
Built-in FTP from DOCX.
Built-in FTP upload from DOCX.
Built-in open DOCX, ZIP, RAR, JAR and TAR.
Built-in Zip, RAR, JAR and TAR from DOCX.
Built-in Unzip, XAR, RAR, JAR and TAR from DOCX.
Built-in Repair broken attachments in DOCX.
Built-in Repair broken links in DOCX.
Built-in Repair broken images in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty links in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty images in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty text in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty images in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty text in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty images in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty text in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty images in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.
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Built-in Repair empty images in DOCX.
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Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty images in DOCX.
Built-in Repair empty tables in DOCX.

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Updated October 4, 2013:

Version 1.1.1

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DOCX To PDF Converter Crack + Free

Moxi is a utility application that allows you to send documents and graphic files to a selected email address. The software allows you to import files using Windows Explorer and drag-and-drop, or by specifying their location in a folder. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use, which helps it to be a superb utility for sending and receiving files.

DOCX to PDF Converter is a small Windows application designed specifically for helping you convert DOC and DOCX files to PDF file format using batch processing operations.
User-friendly layout
The tool reveals a clean feature lineup that allows you to carry out most of the actions with minimal effort. It was designed with an overall simplicity in mind, so even less experienced users can learn to set up the dedicated parameters with minimal effort.
Documents can be added in the working environment using the built-in browse button, so you cannot rely on the drag-and-drop support. You can view additional information about each DOC or DOCX item, such as file location, size, as well as creation date.
Conversion capabilities
It is important to mention that DOCX to PDF Converter offers support for batch processing, which means you can add multiple Word files and convert them at the same time.
DOCX to PDF Converter gives you the possibility to build up a list with the documents that you want to convert and delete the selected items from the primary panel. For each DOC or DOCX file added in the workspace, the application generates an individual PDF file, so it doesn’t let you merge multiple documents into a single PDF.
By default, the program exports the output files to a preset folder. At the end of the conversion process, it automatically opens up the saving directory. On the downside, you cannot pick the saving directory, select the pages from the documents that you want to convert, and set up permissions for printing or filling in options, and encrypting the PDF files.
Testing its conversion engine
During our testing we have noticed that DOCX to PDF Converter accomplishes the conversion process very quickly and without errors. It leaves a minimal footprint on system resources and provides very good output quality.
If you are looking for a straightforward piece of software that lets you convert DOC or DOCX files on the breeze, you may give DOCX to PDF Converter a try and see what it can do for you.
DOCX to PDF Converter Description:

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Publisher’s Description

This is a simplified version of the program found on the web, named « Convert Doc/Docx to PDF with no registration. » It is a freeware.

** HOW TO USE **

The program has a very simple interface. On the left, there is the selected file. On the right, there is a list of supported formats. You can choose any format, by clicking on the « X » icon for each one.


The program converts all selected files to PDF. (The size of the files does not affect the conversion process). Once completed, the program opens the created PDF file in your default pdf reader.

You have the ability to create a batch conversion with all selected files, or process them one at a time.


* Convert the selected files into PDF format.
* The resulting file can be encrypted and password protected.
* Supports most document formats, e.g. DOC/DOCX, PDF/X-4, etc.
* Many options can be accessed using the menu bar, including the ability to view a selected file.
* All the features of the original program can be used, including up to a dozen online sources and Batch conversion.

** NOTE **

You must have at least the same version of the « Create PDF from Doc/Docx » application.

Its the best software of this kind that I found till now.
I tried many that are either software or online and they all had a delay in the conversion process of the documents. It takes sometimes a while to convert, even if its done in a same-time basis.
This software did the conversion very fast and it left very small files, like the ones you get when you convert files on a shared server.
I was surprised about the quality of the resulting files. It was fast and clean.
Good work and good software. I would give it a rating of 8/10.


I think the requirement of a free registration is a drawback for this software, even though it is easy to get such a registration.


If you want a good and fast conversion of multiple doc/docx files into PDF with a quality that is not bad, and if you don’t want the registration of the program, this is the best solution for you.

You cannot buy this for $0.00. It has a nice setup and interface and it works.

It should work for Mac

System Requirements:

The required minimum and recommended specs are designed to provide the best possible experience on the system of average to high-end PC, configured with the following parts:
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OS: Windows 10


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