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MySQL column and row « name »

Why is MySQL creating an unique index with the two columns name?
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX `name_idx` ON `membership` (`name` ASC, `code` ASC);


It’s because name and code are not unique, as one row can have multiple name values and vice versa. MySQL thus uses a composite index to ensure that a row is not inserted twice if it has the same name and code.
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX name_idx ON membership (name, code);

Of course, an index like name_idx is only useful when name and code are unique and you can’t simply add an index of the entire table. You can add an index of just the two columns to prevent duplicate values on the index itself:
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX name_idx ON membership (name, code);

You can also avoid the redundant column name by naming the index instead:
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx ON membership (code, name);

You can also avoid the redundant column name by naming the index instead


You might need two columns. For example, let’s say you have two member tables:




If I don’t have member2, it would be easy to fill in the rows in the table:
select * from member1 where name =? and code =?

But if I do have member2, then I can’t just insert twice:
select * from member1 where name =? and code =?
select * from member2 where name =? and code =?

A composite key is the best way to prevent such cases from occurring.


If name and code aren’t unique, there needs to be another column that is unique and that you can index.
You could add one column, let’s say code_id and a foreign key constraint to the memberships table.
`code_id` INT NOT NULL,
`code` VARCH 4f8c9c8613

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