Mindjet MindManager 12.1

*** Fast speed *** Supports hulls with rounded bilges (steep and sharp bilges) and allows chine hull design with 2/3 cutting seam line.

The program offers a fast and easy use with a lot of functions and controls. Create as many hull shapes as you want without limitations.

ProChine offers 3D rotation, control the chine shape and the center of gravity, have full control over the hull stability, hull resistance, and displacement.

You can create 3D hulls in a few clicks or drag the shape as you want (like paper) and create more complex hull shapes.

The program can be used as 3D CAD, Data acquisition tool, 3D modeling and simulation tool, and you can even generate a PDF of a 3D hull model.

Hull shapes:

You can create all kinds of hull shapes: straight (flat), inboard, outboard, rounded, chines, etc.

Numeric and graphical data fields to create and edit all kind of hull properties: stability, hull resistance, ship weight, center of gravity, etc.


You can create a complete hydrostatic solution (stability, resistance, displacement).

Create as many hull shapes as you want without limitations.


You can rotate and move the hull shape as you want.

Convert hull shape into STL-file.

Create a planar hull (with user interface).

Create the geometry of the hull.

Spherical (cylinder) hulls:

You can create as many hull shapes as you want.

Spherical hulls are easier to build, you can do modifications on them with a few clicks and it’s easier to create complex shapes.

Also, it’s possible to create rounded bilges.

Create stable (resistance) hulls (great for sailing ships):

Ships design with a computer can help you to create very stable ships.

This feature helps in the simulation of ships; the computer calculates the force applied to the hull of the ship.

It’s possible to apply all kind of configurations that help the computer to determine the stability of a ship.

Create hulls with different shapes and configurations:

Create as many hull shapes as you want.

Create Hull(3D) with a single hull shape in a graphical way.

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Reduce clutter, maximize your working space!

You have a computer, a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard. You use your computer every day. You might sometimes wonder, « What should I use the keyboard for? » Hotkeys are shortcuts that enable you to perform commands or activities with one key stroke. Using Hotkeys, you can configure your computer keyboard to perform different activities, as well as launch software or open files.
Hotkeys are especially useful in cases where you type frequently, for example when creating web pages. Typing and copy-pasting commands is a common activity in a web browser. You can use hotkeys to store frequently typed commands in your computer, then easily recall them in seconds. Hotkeys makes it easy to perform common activities, saving you time and effort. For example, you can assign a hotkey to enable you to paste a text file into a document, or to open the Command Prompt.
Hotkeys also makes it easy to control your operating system. You can use Hotkeys to change the volume, mute, increase or decrease the screen brightness, change the system language, and to switch virtual desktops. Hotkeys can save you time, increase productivity and make it easier to use your computer.
Hotkeys overview:
Hotkeys can help you perform a range of tasks. Here are just some examples:
– Turn on the computer.
– Change the volume.
– Start the web browser.
– Open the Windows Explorer.
– Open the Command Prompt.
– Open a web browser, or save a file.
– Change the desktop background.
Hotkeys are program shortcuts that enable you to launch applications, change the system settings or perform any number of different functions by performing a series of keyboard commands.
Hotkeys are pre-configured hotkeys. There are thousands of different programs that can be launched using Hotkeys. You can also create your own Hotkeys, which enables you to configure Hotkeys for any program you want.
Hotkeys feature list:
Hotkeys is a feature-rich application that enables you to perform many activities on your computer.
Keyboard interaction:
Hotkeys is a powerful feature-rich application that enables you to perform many activities on your computer. Hotkeys also allows you to create your own hotkeys and to assign them to any application you want.
Ability to run a program:
When a hotkey is activated, it is converted into a command in the Windows shell. You can then use this command


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