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KEYMACRO is a Mac-friendly keyboard shortcut manager. The app lists all applications and folders on your computer and lets you map keyboard shortcuts to your most-used programs. All of this without the need to resort to a fancy, unintuitive interface.
KEYMACRO Price: Free
The interface is built around the concept of a virtual keyboard. It contains no text or buttons – everything is a keyboard shortcut. In fact, it’s a pretty good idea to think of it as such. This means that if you go into full keyboard mode, all shortcuts in all the apps that you work with are always visible. From the very beginning, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it.
KEYMACRO Features:
Smart Shortcuts – Maps keyboard shortcuts to apps, folders and even custom actions.
Keyboard Focus – Places a keyboard shortcut on top of your current window.
Keyboard Focus – Places the focus on a window.
Virtual Keyboards – Fully configurable virtual keyboards that allow you to customize the layout and assign a keyboard shortcut to any key.
Highlight Shortcuts – Find the windows that are currently active in the finder.
Multiple Apps – All of your applications and folders are neatly organized into groups.
Built-in Shortcuts – Every folder and application on your Mac can be assigned a shortcut.
Different Hotkeys – Locate specific options with the built-in hotkeys feature.
Custom Actions – You can assign keyboard shortcuts to actions such as opening a file or searching for content.
Toggle Shortcuts – Toggle the selected keyboard shortcut so you can assign it or remove it.
Quick Access – Select one of your shortcuts with the F3 keyboard shortcut.
Quick Click – Quickly open a file by pressing the specified keyboard shortcut.
App Link – Easily open a link in your web browser.
Appify – Make all of the shortcuts in an app or folder behave like a keyboard shortcut.
You use a virtual keyboard to launch an app. Or, you launch a shortcut on the desktop.
You select a window.
You press a modifier key.
You press a number.
You repeat the steps until you’re done.
KEYMACRO Screenshots:
Keyboard Shortcuts Are A Pain
KEYMACRO is a different way to launch apps, or to make a keyboard shortcut to open a folder, or to search for a file.
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