Canapes and Corpses (5E) Mot-clé

  Download       You can help: (Examples of Appreciation) Best Encounter For Orcs Crusher -----Asquall Fractal Transcendence -----Wrath of Dragons Carabans the Conquerors -----Knights of Sunlight ---Incendiary ----Hidden Dragon ----The Shadow of Dreams ----King of Winds ----Eagle's Still Best Encounter for OrcS (Crusader, Human, etc.) -----The Shadow of Dreams -----Knights of Sunlight -----Dark Journey -----Dark Draconid -----Quetzalcoatl Best Encounter for Barbarian and Dwarf -----Dark Journey -----Quetzalcoatl ----Hidden Dragon Best Encounter For Half-Elf -----Eagle's Still Best Encounter For Half-Elf Druid -----Carabans the Conquerors -----Feral Draenei -----The Shadow of Dreams -----Empyrean Sun Dragon -----Orc


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